UArtsy offers Sketchfab integration to their students

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Online CG training provider UArtsy is now offering Sketchfab embedding to their students whenever they submit their work, closing the distance between learner and teacher.

Rodolfo Araujo Alexander I I I Bridge W I P by rodox on Sketchfab

Ryan Kingslien, the founder of UArtsy, writes:

“Integrating Sketchfab into our classes allows our students to get feedback in the same 3D environment they create their art work in. This type of technology forms the core of why I believe in online education. Sketchfab is doing an amazing job of helping artists share their work with world. They are making our job of sharing knowledge and becoming better artists that much easier.”

Check out the following examples of how their students are already using Sketchfab embedding:

You’ll find a detailed explanation of how to use this new feature on their blogpost ’How To Post A Sketchfab Project To Your Class’.

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