Ultimate Croc Anatomy

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Mieke Roth is a science illustrator and in Autumn 2011 she dissected an octopus in 5 hours. Using as much reference photography gathered from the procedure, Mieke was successful in recreating the animal in 3D. The end result was published in on Scientific American, MAKE as well as her accompanying website.

Now in 2013, Mieke is back attempting another amazing transformation: this time using the Nile Crocodile. Below is a video outlining the project.

To achieve her goals, Mieke has created a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the project. It is predicted to last about a year and through that time Mieke will keep her supporters well informed of the progress that is being made on the project through words, images, and 3D models using Sketchfab!

We are supporting the project with access to a Pro account so Mieke has all the space she will need to convert the Nile Crocodile into a digital illustration and provide people with highly detailed models and textures of the produced assets.

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