Unity Community Art Challenge 6: The Bridge

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We’ve teamed up with Unity again for their Community Art Challenge. We’ll be contributing Sketchfab Pro memberships and a special prize (see below).

This months Challenge is themed “The Bridge”. We have all walked across a bridge at some point. We have all seen them in various movies. There is a wide range of styles for bridges and additionally they have an important function. They cross the gap between two pieces of land which would otherwise be difficult to get to. We want to see a small Diorama of your Bridge! It can be fantasy themed, Sci-Fi or whatever you think would look cool. Use your imagination! Impress us with your creativity and imagination. Let’s see something new and fresh!

Extra prize: a personalized 3D printed trophee!

From now on we’ll be throwing in a customized 3D printed trophee that designed especially for this contest. And we made it extra shiny too (note: it won’t actually be a golden trophee 😉 Thanks to JuanG3D for an awesome job!

UCAC trophee
by JuanG3D
on Sketchfab

You will find the full announcement and the challenge rules on the Unity forum.

– Bart


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