Unity Community Art Challenge 8: Chest Of Wonders

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We’ve teamed up with Unity again for their Community Art Challenge. We’ll be contributing Sketchfab Pro memberships and a special prize (see below).

This months Challenge is themed “Chest Of Wonders”. This could literally be a Wooden Chest filled with wondrous items. Maybe it’s a Chest that leads to another dimension? Perhaps it’s a Pirate’s Chest filled with Gold? There is a lot of room for interpretation here! Use your imagination! Impress us with your creativity and imagination. Let’s see something new and fresh!

As a result we want to see a beautiful small Diorama/Turntable of your version of a “Chest Of Wonders”

Extra prize: print your own prize with a €50 voucher for 3D HUbs!

Sketchfab community member JuanG3D designed this awesome trophee that you can get 3D printed locally using 3D Hubs. The 1st place will receive a €50 voucher.

UCAC trophee
by JuanG3D
on Sketchfab

You will find the full announcement and the challenge rules on the Unity forum.

– Bart


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