Unity Community Art Challenge: April 2016

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First off, congrats to the winners for last month theme “Awesome Karts”!

3rd Place: @essimoon2

2nd Place: @lorenzodom

1st Place: @d-3

There were a ton of great submissions, you can see them all here. Be sure to leave a comment and like your favorites.

April 2016: Ghostbusters

This month’s theme is “Ghostbusters“. You remember that 80’s movie with the nerds that had protone rifles that fought off evil apparitions, more casually known as ghosts?


Ghostbusters remains a landmark in film and one of my top 20 films that I feel really inspired the 80’s sci-fi scene. With the new movie coming out this month, it seemed only appropriate for this to be the theme outside it just being awesome.

You have two options when it comes to entering the contest:

  • Re-create the existing lore such as equipment, ghosts, props, or characters.
  • Cross the streams and create an original concept in the spirit of Ghostbusters.

As a result we want to see a beautiful small Diorama/Turntable (examples) of your vision for “Ghostbusters”.

Don’t forget to upload your models to Sketchfab and tag them “UCAC-April2016” and be sure to read all the full rules on posting in the Unity forums here.

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Who you going to 3D?




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