Unity Community Art Challenge: the December winners and the new theme!

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Sometimes an innocent request lands in your mailbox: ‘can you help judge the entries of the Unity Community Art Challenge?’. But boy was it HARD! Have a look at the amazing entries that the Unity community posted here on Sketchfab and I think you’ll agree 😉

Together with the Unity team, we picked the following winners:

1st Place: bobbert234

A hat tip to one of my favorite iOS games, Monument Valley. Hello Ida!

Monument Ornament – UCAC4 – logo version by bobbert234 on Sketchfab

2nd Place: essimoon2

Explore essimoon’s model using the annotations that he added.

Wooden Christmas Ornament – Final – UCAC4 by essimoon on Sketchfab

3rd Place: dox

Santa brings Unity goodies! Lots of things to discover in this one.

Unity Community Art Challenge – UCAC4 by dox on Sketchfab

You can see the full list of entries for this contest in the Unity Community Art Challenge tag gallery.

Unity Community Art Challenge – January 2015 – Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir)


This months Challenge is themed “Thor’s Hammer – ”. We all have seen various depictions of Thor’s Hammer throughout comics and movies! Now is the time to let your creative juices flow and design a new look for “Mjolnir” (Thor’s Hammer). Use your imagination! Impress us with your creativity and imagination. Let’s see something new and fresh!

As a result we want to see a beautiful small Diorama/Turntable of your version of “Mjolnir”! If you aren’t familiar with the lore please check wikipedia.

See the full announcement over at the Unity forum. Enjoy!

– Bart


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