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In collaboration with Polycount, we launched a 3-week competition to challenge the community to create stunning, low-poly 3D dioramas of their favorite video games and use Sketchfab to display them.


There were over 250 forum threads, but only 3 were chosen to win some fantastic prizes, including Sketchfab Pro accounts, T-Shirts and a signature Polycount greentooth trophy in Gold, Silver and Bronze. The winners were picked by the community, with almost a thousand votes, and we’re proud to share the winning entries.

The response has blown us away, with sites like Kotaku and PC Gamer covering the competition and helping to expose such a talented community of artists. It’s a real honour for us to see our service in your hands.

Here are the winners, congratulations!

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

You can also find the top 20 entries below:

  1. brenly’s “OCTOPUS”
  2. Crimson’s “Dark Souls: New Leaf”
  3. glenatron’s “Skyrim”
  4. Daniel Duy’s “God of War 3 Tactics Advance”
  5. haZe’s “the Last of Us”
  6. AzzaMat’s “Dishonorama”
  7. klamp’s “Advance Wars: VG Remix”
  8. Spacey’s “Blaster Master”
  9. mafubash’s “Breath of Fire 3″
  10. Impala88’s “World of Warcraft – Battle with Yogg Saron”
  11. St4lis’ “Far Cry 3″
  12. Mino’s “Rock N Roll Racing”
  13. mariomanzanaeres’ “Kingdom Hearts Remix”
  14. Draygo00’s “Need For Speed Most Wanted”
  15. pikpiak’s “Advance Wars 2″
  16. deadpixl’s “Shadowrun”
  17. hopgood’s “the Secret of Monkey Island”
  18. HTobitt’s “Shadow of the Colossus – Gaius”
  19. Escalator’s “War Thunder”
  20. chrisundrum’s “Pokemon Gym Battle”

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