[VIDEO] Art Spotlight: Francis Bitonti NYFW

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This season’s New York Fashion Week has been a busy one for designer Francis Bitonti. His signature algorithm-based design has been making its mark on this season’s trends. His shoe design for United Nude’s Mutatio collection debuted in the brand’s sleek Soho space last Wednesday, with the gold-plated 3D printed shoes commanding the spotlight.


Just two days later, his garment collaboration with Chromat was modeled on the runway at Milk Studios in Chelsea. The collaborated pieces include the Chromat Adrenaline Dress, which responds to the body’s production of adrenaline to expand 3D panels into an intimidating fight-or-flight mode.

We caught up with Bitonti and heard his unique take on the future of manufacturing and his philosophy of design. Watch here to find out more, including what does (or doesn’t) inspire him.

See more of his work on Sketchfab and on his website.

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