We welcome these 25 artists to the Sketchfab Rockstars!

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Dmitry Grebenkov and Katia Bourykina were the first two members to achieve Sketchfab ‘Rockstar’ status by hitting 1,000 followers. This happened last year in June and December, and since then the growth rate of our community has gone insane. Today, we welcome no less than 25 new Rockstar artists. Give them a round of applause!


Here’s a playlist with the new members and their most popular work (sorted by upload date):

Curious who’ll be joining the Rockstars next? Check out the up-and-coming Rockstars on our Community listing. And if you want to become a Rockstar too then check out our ‘How to become a Sketchfab Rockstar’ series – it’ll teach you how to grow your audience here on Sketchfab.

In related news, these two models are the first to collect 1,000 likes!


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