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Lots of small bug fixes and performance tweaks this week. Plus, a few great improvements to the viewer!

  • Double click to center the camera: Double click anywhere on a model to zoom in and center the camera. This is great for inspecting different parts of a model. Double click anywhere in the background to reset the camera to the scene origin.

  • Rotate the scene lighting:

    • ALT + drag rotates the environment and lights.
    • ALT + SHIFT + drag rotates only the environment.
    • ALT + CTRL + drag rotates only the lights.


  • Support for Blender curves and metaballs: In Draft Mode, you will be notified when curves and metaballs are converted to meshes

  • Improved model name cleaning: You can now name your models with periods, underscores, etc. and they won’t be removed (except for the file extension)
  • Fixed an issue with images on portfolios
  • Fixed an issue with turning Autoplay off for Playlists

– James


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