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The aftermath of the PBR release took a lot of time, but we managed to add the following updates this week:

Model pages

  • Some models descriptions that contained HTML links were incorrectly formatted.
  • You can now add parameters to a model page URL like:
  • autospin=1
  • autostart=1
  • blending
  • camera=0
  • Models with a Sharpen filter are now properly anti-aliased.
  • You can now tone down the environment background by adjusting its brightness. This does not affect the lighting.

Model uploading and editing

  • If you take a screenshot while editing your lights, we’ll now hide the light ‘gizmos’.
  • We fixed embeds with passwords on Safari.
    Collada .ZAE files did not properly show their textures.


  • The Newsfeed now shows selected news from our blog on the right.

– Bart


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