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This week’s release focuses mainly on bugfixes. We managed to solve quite a number of minor annoyances with our file importers, improved some usability issues and gave the blog a better place in the navigation.

Oh, and as a bonus we added a new HDRI map to the model environments! (You’ll see it in action in the embed below)

iPhone 6 Plus by Mestaty on Sketchfab

Site useability

  • In the editor, pressing SPACE will reset the camera.
  • When browsing a folder, we now display the folder title at the top of the page.
  • Browsing to the next page in a folder was broken.
  • In some cases, the space bar would no longer respond when editing a description.
  • Speedup of our homepage.
  • We added the blog to the top navigation bar and re-tagged all content to make it more easy to browse.

Model editing

  • Added a new environment map ‘studio_mestaty’ which is great for creating a studio lighting environment for shiny objects.

File importers

  • Our 3DS file importer had issues with some edge cases that would cause geometry to break.
  • We fixed some issues in our FBX importer.
  • We fixed some issues in our Wavefront importer.
  • We fixed some issues in our STL importer.
  • PLY files now support quads.
  • We fixed some issues with texture-mapping in KMZ and DAE files.

– Bart


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