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Jay!! Tags have just become 1000% more useful and fun! You can now click on a tag on any model page to browse all popular models with that tag. From there, you can also browse the all the models and the top contributors. Give it a try! Looking for work created in 3DS Max? Or maybe you want to see Cowboy models? We’ve got you covered!

And that’s not all – we added the same overview page for categories as well. Try this one.

We also have quite a list of other improvements (and I’m not even mentioning the ‘behind-the-scenes’ things we’ve also worked on):

Model display

  • We re-implemented anti-aliasing to make it quite a bit faster. It will also look better on mobile devices.
  • Reflective materials are now rendered correctly in iOS8 (it could get a little trippy at times).
  • Large scenes with lots of lines or with point clouds are now handled better.

sparse point cloud – Hvalsey church, Greenland by crazy eye on Sketchfab

Model editing

  • On the 3D settings page, clicking ‘Take Screenshot’ will now automatically save all your material settings.

Model upload

  • If your model does not contain any face normals, we’ll now generate them. This issue could cause models to become completely black.
  • Fixed an issue with binary STL file uploads (ASCII STL was fine).


  • You can now follow a designer straight from the model page, no need to visit his profile first anymore.
  • We improved the layout of the model page on mobile devices.
  • Sharing a model on Twitter will now add the author’s @twitter handle to the tweet (if one has been set).

– Bart


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