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Here’s a new overview of the things we added to the website this week!

Most important change: Kerbal Space Program support

Magnetometer by Bart on Sketchfab

Are you creating your own parts for this awesome space game? You can now upload them straight to Sketchfab and share them online with your friends – we have just added support for *.MU files. Just create a ZIP file of the part’s folder – make sure you include the texture maps!

This feature has been made possible by the open source *.MU importer for Blender by KSP community member Taniwha.


New Integrations


Embeds and Viewer

  • In some edge cases, you could see the loading progress dial decrease while loading.

  • A new rotation widget makes it easier to orientate your model when editing it.


  • You can now delete folders.

  • Models could get a little funky at huge zoom factors, this has been fixed.

  • We have a completely revamped Help Center.

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