Website Update: What’s new on Sketchfab this week? (Week 2)

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Today’s release contains a fresh new design for our galleries and a new email notification option. We also did a lot of work on an upcoming feature, read on for a sneak peek and a chance to get early access!


As we were adding more features to Sketchfab, we realized that our model cards were getting bloated. A redesign has created more space for the user’s name and avatar (usernames sometimes got truncated), and also to display a download counter icon (see it in action here).


We heard you when you told us we were sending you too many emails: we added a new option to the notifications settings page: you can choose not to receive a notification when someone you follow uploads a new model (this kind of ties in with the sneak peek below 😉

Other changes:

  • We increased the maximum file size for background images from 1MB to 4MB. Also, we fixed some potential issues with long filenames for background images.

Sneak peek: News feed


We’re REALLY excited about our upcoming news feed! We’re currently testing it with selected users and our head of development Pierre-Antoine lets me invite 25 members to help us with that. Are you curious and willing to take a hard look at the new page? Leave a comment and we’ll add you to the beta testers list 🙂

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