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There’s a lot of behind the scenes work in this week’s release, but we added some cool new features for model displaying as well.  We also improved support for several file formats, and added a shiny new forum to the site!

Model display

  • Bloom Camera Effect now has a radius setting. More bloom!
  • You can now cycle through your annotations automatically using our new autopilot feature. To use this, select it in the embed options (example below).
  • We improved the way small embeds are displayed.

Rat Brain by Mieke Roth on Sketchfab

File Import

  • Fixed an import in our STL importer where it would crash if some vertices were missing color information.
  • Added support for ZBrush vertex colors.
  • Fixed some issues that would crash our DWF importer.
  • Fixed some issues with our OBJ importer that could cause face normals to flip.



  • We improved the keyboard navigation of the upload form, making it easier to tab to to the next field, and press enter to start the upload.

– Bart


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