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Did you know we’re pushing out updates to our website all the time? Big changes are obvious, but we’re also continually tweaking and fixing small things, on a weekly basis. Often, these follow suggestions from YOU!

We’re proud of our work and decided to share all these updates with you. So from now on, you’ll find a weekly Website Update here on the Sketchfab blog.

If you have a suggestion or if you have found a bug, please get in touch. Maybe you’ll be part of our Website Update next week 🙂

Most important change this week

  • We’re now automatically generating model screenshots, even if you don’t view the model. This will reduce the number of ‘grey’ images in galleries.

Latest integration

User profile



3D Models

  • ‘Liking’ a model is much faster now.

  • Fixed wrong vertices/triangles counts with some models.


  • Annotations now ‘fade in’ when the model has finished loading.

  • The Annotations link in the model menu should opens the Annotations tab in the editor directly.

  • Added a message when you’re trying to set up more than 5 annotations on a Free account.


  • In some cases, the ‘Pro’ badge position was off.

  • Fixed the layout for small embed sizes where UI elements might overlap.


  • Fixed a case where using very long tags (>48 characters) would lead to error messages.

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