WebVR lands in Chrome for Android, and Sketchfab adds Daydream support

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Google announced today that the latest update to Chrome for Android supports WebVR (through an Origin Trial). This move marks a significant step forward in the adoption of the WebVR standard which allows creators and developers to distribute content and experiences to VR headsets directly through a browser URL without the need to download and install any additional software. As one of the first major websites to thoroughly adopt WebVR, we worked closely with Google to define the best WebVR implementation between Chrome and Sketchfab.

What does this mean for you? If you’re a Daydream user eager to explore over a million scenes in VR, all you need to do is to update to the latest version of Chrome, open your favorite Sketchfab scene and slide your phone into your Daydream View headset. WebVR will be automatically triggered and you’ll be transported into Sketchfab VR along with your Daydream controller to help you move around.


One of our missions at Sketchfab is to have every creation from our community supported on every VR headset on the market, so we are extremely excited to be able to add Daydream to the list.

Google is anticipated to bring the same WebVR standard to additional headsets in the near future.. Currently desktop VR headset owners can visit Sketchfab in VR using an experimental build of Chromium, the open-source version of Chrome.

Here’s a scene to jump in and get you started from our Mobile VR Collection:

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