Weekend Contest: Sculpting Nature

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Are you game for some 3D modeling action this weekend? Create a ‘nature’ model using your favorite 3D sculpting tool. Anything goes, like animals, landscapes, plants, trees..

If you don’t own 3D sculpting software, you can use our own easy to use Sculptfab. The winner will get his work featured and can choose a topic for the next sculpting contest!

zBrush to Sketchfab ExportTest by kristifir on Sketchfab

The rules:

  • Create a 3D model using sculpting software and share it by Monday, September 15th.
  • Share it on your own Sketchfab account and tag it with #3DSM1.
  • The author of the model getting the most likes by the following Friday is featured, and gets to chose the following theme.
  • Multiple entries are ok.
  • Entries created before theme announcement are not ok.
  • Not having fun is not ok!

Enjoy 🙂

– Bart


Update on Thursday Sept 18th: Congrats to Mieke Roth, winner of Nature 3DSM1 with her amazing toad

Common Toad. #3DSM1 by Mieke Roth on Sketchfab

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