Weekend Inspiration: New Animations

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We launched animation earlier this week and we’re already seeing so many incredible examples of what you are doing with it. Here’s some of our picks to inspire you:

We start with simple fun simulating physics:

Bouncing Basketball
by Maurice S.
on Sketchfab

To more complex examples like this dinosaur that has 70 (!) different animations! Scroll through them all beside the slider:

T- Rex Dino with 70 Animations
by Makeamo
on Sketchfab

User Uwood is using animation to make the first interactive encyclopedia dedicated to wooden Arts and Crafts. Check out more tool examples like this in his profile

N°4 smooth plane
by uWood
on Sketchfab

It’s also a great way to bring your characters to life, like these:

Skilful Revived Forge Spirits
by down_limit
on Sketchfab

Animation – ROB Gyro Spin
by the-regressor
on Sketchfab

Orc Walk Cycle
by sebasfig
on Sketchfab

7F – Nina Pacha – Test Animacion para RA
by Inti Digital FX
on Sketchfab

Want to join the animation beta? Just sign up here. Learn more in our Help Center and join the discussion on the forum

Check out the animation gallery to see more work, and be sure to tag your uploads with #animation too!

Have a creative weekend,

– Natalia


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