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You may have noticed your home on Sketchfab looks a little different this week as we’ve been slowly rolling out our refreshed newsfeed. It’s all part of our effort to help you discover content you’ll love, more quickly, and more easily.

The new “Following” view.

Your new home on Sketchfab is divided into three key areas: Following, Activity, and Suggestions.

Under the Following tab you’ll see the latest updates from the artists you follow on Sketchfab. You’ll also see our latest featured blog post.

The “Activity” view.

Under Activity, you can see a recent history of the activity on your Sketchfab profile: who’s started following you, who’s liked one of your models, who’s subscribed to one of your collections, and who’s mentioned you in a comment. Furthermore, if you select the “Following Activity” view you can see the activity of the Sketchfab community members who follow you.

Finally, the Suggestions tab is a great way to discover great new content on Sketchfab related to the models and collections you’ve liked in the past.

But there’s more! We’ve also added an incredible new notification feature in the form of a bell icon in the top navigation. Here you can get real-time updates on the activity on your profile so you’ll never miss another like or follow no matter where you are on the site!

“Suggestions” and the notifications bell.

As our community grows larger and stronger each day, we hope these improvements will continue to help you find great new content, and catch more updates from your followers, and the contributors you follow.

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