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Hi everyone! I’m Ebru, a game artist with a focus on low poly 3D Modeling. I love vibrant colors, chunky things and food. I mainly work with a hand-painted style.

About Me

I remember watching my brother play games and having so much fun from a very little age. As I’ve grown older, I gotten into the magical world of games myself, and this shaped both my career choices and my visual aesthetic.

Near the end of high school, I was pretty sure whatever I picked for the bachelor’s degree had to have creativity and painting/modeling in it. So I moved forward with studying Industrial Product Design. I’ve learned so much about how to approach a project and the basics of design thinking. I also had my first encounter with a 3D Modeling software, which was Rhinoceros 3D. I had a lot of fun working on the 3D models of my product designs and learned how to approach modeling a product. 

Right before my graduation, I found myself spending all my time playing games, painting, and drawing. This made me think about what could give me joy as a profession, so I started working on some 2D projects for applying to mobile game studios. I spent 6 months on my first job as a Junior Game Artist while learning all kinds of things about making games. I was mostly working on 2D assets at that time. 

I had my first experience 3D modeling for games at my second job, where I was working as a generalist and had to learn modeling for games. I started with 3ds Max and the more I studied 3D modeling, the more I enjoyed it. I had to learn low-poly modeling since I was working on mobile games, and it slowly shaped my style!

My Art Style

I could easily say that my style was so different when I first started and it will evolve as long as I continue creating, as it does for most artists. Usually, the types of things that I enjoy looking at define my art style. I had very diverse styles when painting and drawing in 2D but after I mainly moved on to modeling I developed a consistent style that was constantly evolving.

I love looking at cute, vivid images, styles with very cartoony and chunky proportions, and well-made food! My father is a cook and I’ve grown up with lots of good food, which contributed to my art as a source of inspiration. Combining all the things I loved resulted in my art style to this day.

Whenever I have any ideas for a new model, I quickly note them down to not forget. If I’m feeling creative, I look at my board and pick an idea that feels nice to me that day. I use references to pick up any detail that I don’t know yet or to get new ideas about stylization. Then I move on to the modeling program and quickly make some drafts. Usually, I don’t like the first ones I make and continue modeling the item or the environment until I feel like it’s good enough to proceed into texturing. I unwrap and export my models into Substance Painter and hand-paint them there. I start with deciding the colors, adding local details, lights, and shadows. 

I used 3ds Max for modeling for a long time but about 2 months ago I switched to Blender, which I use happily today. I use Substance Painter for hand painting and texturing my models. It has great features that help me a lot when painting. I set up and construct my scenes in Unity, which I use in my work on a daily basis.


I believe creating art has many challenges on different levels; Defining an art style, having the technical knowledge to execute ideas, keeping up with the trends, etc. On a day-to-day basis, I struggle with finding motivation or ideas that can inspire me. The way that I deal with this is to keep noting down any ideas that seem cool to me on a mood board. The more ideas I have there, the more I feel that it is easier to start creating.

I always try to find new artists, games, and movies that I like. I feel like it becomes my creative fuel after some time. Coming across good art motivates and inspires me—I feel like there’s so much to imagine, design and create!


I came across Sketchfab when starting 3D modeling around 3-4 years ago and was impressed with the fact that I could turn around and inspect models; it felt like magic when I first saw it. I believe that keeping the mental visual library updated is incredibly important when creating any form of art. Sketchfab has been helping me a lot since then by enriching my knowledge about 3D art and trends. 

The ability to inspect models and see their wireframe or base textures is a feature that makes it possible to learn new things by just inspecting the models. I always examine the models I like, just to think about what I can learn from the way that they were modeled and painted. I’ve learned and used many new tricks with this approach. 

Also, being able to embed the 3D models using Sketchfab into other portfolio sites makes so much sense. It strengthens the portfolio and gives a possible employer a way to interact with the 3D models freely.


About the author

Ebru Gümüştaş

Game Artist with lots of love for food and colorful chunky things.

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