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Hi, my name is Elodie/Emeryl and I’m living in Lyon, France. I’m a digital artist, specializing in video game assets. I work on mobile games for French studios. I love video games, drawing, fiction podcasts, cats, tea and making cute charms! (#^o^#)/


At first, I had a very bad experience with 3D. I tried to model with Blender and thought 3D modeling wasn’t for me.

I wanted to work for video games, and I chose to study game art. I had the opportunity to learn 3D with Maya Autodesk during my three years of school. I fell in love with it! I like to model and texture 3D a lot with Maya! It requires learning, creativity, concentration and I also find it very relaxing.

After my studies I wanted to work with 3D, however, it’s very difficult to find your first job. I was hired at a video game studio, but I worked on 2D assets and never had the opportunity to 3D model. Nowadays, I create 3D assets as a hobby during my free time. I dream of turning it into a job!

Artistic Approach and Evolution

I love 3D low poly art. I see it as a fun challenge to create a beautiful render with a few vertices. My focus is on cartoony, cute assets with a lot of colors! For a long time I think I’ve been influenced by the Nintendo universes. However, my influences and works evolved over time.

At the beginning, I used ZBrush to create a detailed high poly model for baking. I liked to add a lot of small details and I was inspired by fantasy MMORPG assets.

Then, I discovered bit by bit the wonderful world of indie (independent) games! I saw simplified, minimalistic, colorful, styles, which are just as pretty! I started to give my textures a “smooth” style and stopped the sculpting approach.

Currently, I follow other indie artists’ works and have become more passionate about the minimalistic assets, which are very colorful and original. My 3D models have evolved into this style where I use color gradients for texturing.

In a few years,  my models will be different. The most important thing is to “do what you like” 😉


I suppose the most difficult part is the realization of the idea we have in mind. It’s also complicated to find your own style. Again, it’s important to do what we love! I don’t want to impose any challenge or specific goal, I’m just trying to create colorful things. Professionally, I hope that 3D will become my job. However, this seems like a difficult and closed sector to step into in France.

Sketchfab and 3D

When I discovered Sketchfab, I thought to myself “That’s a goldmine!”. It’s full of talented artists and 3D artworks to discover! I learned a lot by just looking at the 3D models from all angles and analyzing them with the Sketchfab Model Inspector.

By uploading my scenes on Sketchfab, I can easily show them to my relatives and put them in my portfolio. It’s a beautiful way to showcase and exhibit my works to a community of passionate artists. I registered on Sketchfab three years ago and since then I’ve seen a lot of practical updates. The post-processing effects are something I like to use, especially Sharpness!

Sometimes, I go to check the store out of curiosity… maybe someday I’ll sell models there!

Whether pro or hobbyists, I advise uploading your works on Sketchfab to share with others, it’s useful! 😉

You can also find me on Twitter!


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Hi, my name is Elodie/Emeryl I’m living in Lyon in France. I’m digital artist, specializing in video game assets. I work on mobile games for French studios.

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