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My name is Ferre (Fereshte), a game artist from Iran who currently lives in Berlin, Germany. 

My artistic life began by studying painting at university. I loved fine art and I liked to do realistic oil paintings. After graduation, I got familiar with digital art and digital painting so I spent my savings to buy a tablet and I started to learn Photoshop and practiced digital painting. 

Having a background in fine art, I really enjoyed working with a tablet and computer to create artworks unlimitedly. After one year of practicing and learning about computer graphics, I started my first job as a 2D artist at an indie mobile game company. I continued my career there for years and learned so much about the game industry. 

My first experience with 3D was not very good. I started to work with ZBrush because I saw that my colleagues worked with it. I found it very complicated and thought 3D modeling wasn’t for me. I never got back to it until two years later when I saw on ArtStation a 3D model of an isometric kitchen designed with vintage assets and I fell in love with it. It gave me the inspiration to start to learn 3D once again. But this time I started with Blender. It’s user-friendly and free and there are also lots of free tutorials on the internet. I liked Blender and I started to learn how to use it more and more each day.

After practicing for a while I thought that it was time to start a small project to test my skills in modeling. Those days I was watching the Seinfeld series, so I decided to create an isometric model of the kitchen where most of their conversations took place.

Creating my first model, I used high polygon objects and PBR (physically based rendering) without any specific textures. I didn’t know that I could use my painting skills to create more stylized and colorful textures.

I discovered Sketchfab in the first days that I was starting to learn Blender. Sketchfab occasionally launches a new Twitter challenge; I chose one of the simple topics and used it as an opportunity to test my skills, dare to publish my work for the first time, and meet the deadline. Participating in these challenges helped me a lot and made me learn so much from others. For example, in the Food Challenge, we were supposed to create a model with handpainted textures. This was the first time I learned about creating textures from scratch, which is, I believe, one of the most enjoyable steps in creating a model.

In the 4K Adventuress challenge, we had to create a scene with a maximum of 4K polygons. At first, it seemed impossible for me to create a model with so few triangles, but I did the best I could to obey the rules of the challenge. Since then, I care so much about the optimization and number of polygons I use to create my models and I can say that I enjoy it! Optimization is one of the most important things a 3D artist must be careful about, especially when working on mobile games.

The more I learn and practice 3D modeling, the more I have fallen in love with it. For many years I have worked in game companies as a 2D artist. Now that I had learned another skill, I really wanted it to become a part of my job and fortunately, a few months ago, I started my job as a 3D artist at a mobile game company. I guess that you have to be very lucky to have a job that is doing what you love all day. 

My major interest is in creating colorful and stylized scenes and characters. I am in love with nature and colors and I try to search for the beauty around me to describe it in my own way. I learn a lot from other artists and get inspired by surfing through wonderful artworks on Instagram, Sketchfab, ArtStation, and Twitter.


One of the biggest challenges for me is to come out of my comfort zone and take my skills to the next level. 3D modeling is a big world and there is always more to learn. I’m currently trying to find my own style and this can never be achieved without hard work and practice. My current focus is on creating low poly game assets and props, but to come out of the comfort zone I really need to spend some time practicing character modeling and sculpting and get back to ZBrush once again. There is a ton of software that I would like to learn. I just wish that I had all the time in the world! Finding a job in the AAA game industry would be another challenge for me. This would also require a change in my style and for me to have a broader knowledge of both artistic and technical aspects of 3D.


I am so happy that I discovered Sketchfab from the very beginning of my journey. They were very supportive from the first day and gave me the confidence to publish my works more and more. I have always used Sketchfab as a source for my references and get inspired by so many amazing works there. You can check the smallest details of a model and it is fantastic! I have used downloadable models several times and it’s so helpful that people share their skills together.

Sadly, I’ve been super busy with work and my relocation lately and haven’t been able to post much. I’ve missed it and am trying to get back as soon as possible.

I’d like to thank Abby, Mieke, and Jasmin for inviting me to Women on Sketchfab series.

Thank you for reading my story! If you’d like to see more of my work, feel free to follow me on ArtStation, Instagram or Twitter!


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Ferre Poorkazem

2D/3D game artist and freelancer. An admirer of colors, nature, art, and games.

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