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Women on Sketchfab: Ryskul Mammedali

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Hi friends. I am Ryskul Mammedali (nickname Rachel Summer) from Aktau, Kazakhstan.

I started my introduction to the 3D world with 3ds Max in distant 2004. At the time, I used it for architectural modeling. Later, starting in 2008, I began working as an interior designer, and also used 3ds Max to visualize my projects.

In 2017, I was looking for a way to demonstrate 3D models of furniture and interior decor online in real-time, and, fortunately, I found Sketchfab. A little later I received an invitation to participate in the “Medieval Fantasy” contest. It was something new for me and I accepted this challenge. I created a stage of a medieval circus with low-poly characters. Since then, character modeling has taken me and I began to study ZBrush. I am still learning how to model and texture hi-poly characters with new software. I really love both low-poly and hi-poly modeling.


Now I am working on characters for a global collaborative project named ‘Wise Not Withered.’ This project is run by my friend from San Francisco, Juliana, and it is about expanding media representation of middle-aged and elderly women (ages 40-103). The project showcases many different races, ethnic groups, and occupations.

Independent nurse named Kaya with daughter Maya

I really like ethnic styles and in my free time, I create models of traditional Kazakh utensils and musical instruments in 3ds Max.

I also study anatomy for artists, and invent and model my own characters. I would like to start working as a character modeler for games and cartoons.

Cartoon dragonfly

Below is a character by my friend Talgat Nurbay uly, who passed away. In memory of his bright art creations, I embody his sketches in 3D step-by-step.

ryskul mammedali traditional dress


I have no art education, so I watch the works of artists that I like and learn artistic techniques and ways of presenting artworks from them. As a self-taught person, I have a big obstacle in that potential customers do not often give a chance to novice character modelers. A solution to this problem would be affordable internships on real projects, where it would be possible to develop and apply my knowledge and skills, and to add real works to my portfolio.

Why I Use Sketchfab

I use Sketchfab because I really like the site’s features, such as demonstrating a 3D model in real-time without complicated settings, the ability to view the model in VR, the ability to study models in detail from the technical performance side, and play with lighting and materials on my own models. I want to thank Abby for inviting me to this wonderful project “Women on Sketchfab”.

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