How Paradise Grills Improved its Customers Experience with a 3D / AR Configurator

Paradise Grills is America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer, offering a range of durable products, including Tiki huts, Hibachi grills, fire pits, and patio furniture. In addition, the company offers a wide selection of personalized options across its product range.

While it predominantly sells its products through its network of showrooms, Paradise Grills also offers its range online, where customers can choose their options with the help of the 3D configurator.

The challenge: Boost the quality of the 3D configurator tool to more effectively showcase its personalizable range of outdoor kitchen equipment.

  • Paradise Grills’ products are showcased predominantly in its showrooms, using product images and videos, but this in-person approach proved to be particularly challenging during the pandemic.
  • The company offers an extensive range of personalized options for its outdoor kitchens but didn’t have any way to visualize these tailored products for its customers.
  • Paradise Grills needed a configurator tool to enable clients to customize, visualize, and order products online, and also to support the showroom sales team.

The solution: Paradise Grills brought AR-range onboard to improve the image quality on its 3D Configurator, adding Augmented Reality into the mix.

  • Augmented Reality specialist AR-range, who has created Sketchfab-based tools to support eCommerce sales and personalized products for several years, was brought on board to improve the 3D configurator.
  • AR Range optimized the quality of the existing 3D assets.
  • Paradise Grills asked AR-range to create AR views for all possible production variants—a total of more than 100,000 configurations.
  • AR-range created a 3D application, using its proprietary scripts, that recreates what the user selects in the configurator. The app saves the variant selected by the user as a 3D file, automatically generating the appropriate AR views for iOS and Android devices.
  • The entire process, from concept to API, took just two months.

The results: The new 3D configurator with AR functionality enables Paradise Grills to showcase its product options more effectively.

  • The 3D configurator with AR function has turned out to be a game changer. It’s now Paradise Grills’ primary sales tool and has proved to be very popular, both with customers and the sales team.
  • This revamped 3D configurator gives Paradise Grills a new way to effectively showcase its products with many customization options, along with an AR view. Customers can now visualize how their configured products will look like from their homes
  • The tool has helped Paradise Grills to set itself apart from their competitors.
  • The AR view is a fantastic way to drive more customer engagement and thus salessales have risen by 6.25% since the introduction of the AR solution.

November 2022

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