Boosting Schneider Electric’s Product Education with 3D Visualization

Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational corporation specializing in electrical equipment.


– better showcase complex power and cooling solutions

– enhance website product pages in order to educate prospective customers with detailed renderings

– decrease trade show costs and logistics (bringing massive IT machines and samples to trade shows is logistically challenging and prohibitively expensive)


– leverage Schneider Electric’s existing CAD assets and The Sketchfab 3D viewer

– implement existing CAD models optimized for web visualization on their product pages (click on the green cube below the image to view). 

Results: An interactive 3D product catalog

– Leveraging our Viewer API, Schneider Electric created interactive 3D product catalogs such as this annotated and animated version of one of their products here. 

– Schneider has enriched their eCommerce experience: Schneider’s prospects can now interact with the product – explore all angles, zoom in to details and explore as if physically there. Complex features and components such as microprocessors are highlighted with 3D annotations.

– They shared their 3D configurators on large touch screens during trade shows, allowing visitors to customize electrical equipment in 3D, interact with the personalized product and familiarize themselves with the technology. 3D configurators are powerful tools to promote their equipment and educate prospects.

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