Estech Design

Estech Design
France, India, China


Estech’s Innovation Platform is a unique and avant-garde concept that brings together a wide range of talents that will make your project a worldwide sensation and guarantee your industrial success.

At each step of a product design, we can provide state-of-the-art solutions, enabling us to have a global outlook and unique expertise at seeing what makes your project unique and valuable. Whatever may your needs be, we can help you design, validate, and promote. We create global experiences thanks to a one-stop-shop solution.

Our four main departments: Industrial Design, Digital Modeling, 3D Imagery, Physical Prototyping. We are a group of 160 people.


  • 3D models creation: CGI, 3D modeling
  • Development on the Sketchfab API


  • Transportation: automotive, railway, defense, boat, two-wheelers, bus, etc.
  • Product: childhood, sports, electronic goods, kitchenware, cookware, leather goods, medical, urban devices, etc.