Introducing The Sketchfab Partner Program

Today more and more brands are turning towards working with 3D — even companies that have never worked with 3D before. To get the ball rolling, often they look for assistance in creating 3D assets and for web development to create unique experiences such as 3D configurators.

In order to best serve our customers’ needs while maintaining our primary focus on continuously improving the highest quality 3D engine for the web, we have launched the Sketchfab Preferred Partners Program.

Sketchfab Preferred Partners benefit from Sketchfab’s demand from world-class businesses who need services to properly implement 3D as well as direct access to Sketchfab’s product team. 

About the Sketchfab Preferred Partner Program

Sketchfab Preferred Partners are specialists or agencies that assist with 3D content production or API development for clients on behalf of Sketchfab.


  • Revenue share: Once you become a vetted partner, you receive a free trial license, and for each new client you onboard with Sketchfab, you get rewarded with a commission. 
  • Advanced training & technical support.
  • Direct support from our API experts.
  • Sketchfab certification badge: By meeting our requirements you have the opportunity to display the Sketchfab Partner Program’s Certified Partner logo, signaling your expertise and relationship with Sketchfab.

How to become a Certified Sketchfab Partner

Certified Partner means that you have demonstrated skill and expertise in your specialty and meet our standard requirements to deliver high-quality 3D models or development projects. Note that Sketchfab will regularly review its Certified Partners’ capabilities.

Applications are assessed on a number of factors, including quality, speed, and cost.

Content Creation Partner


  • Deliver high-quality 3D models that meet Sketchfab’s recommendations for 3D models and performance.


  • Potential Partners are required to submit three different 3D models (scan or CGI, if possible both) one of each complexity level (simple, medium, complex) uploaded to their Sketchfab profile. 
  • Explain the workflow, indicate your approximate timeline to create these models, and share the price you would charge for each model.
  • Markets suggested: footwear, apparel, furniture, automotive, boats, medical equipment, toys, electronics, packaging, architecture, industrial design.

Development Partner


  • Deliver a high-quality and responsive 3D configurator that meets Sketchfab’s recommendations for performance. 


  • Applicants are required to submit a configurator developed using Sketchfab’s Viewer API. 
  • The configurator should have at least a few color/texture switches and one animation trigger.
  • The configurator should work on both mobile and desktop
  • Explain your creation workflow, indicate the approximate time that it took to create the configurator, and share the fees you would charge for such a project.
  • Markets suggested: footwear, apparel, furniture, automotive, boats.