The Farid Karam Antiquities Collection at USF - A 3D model collection by Institute for Digital Exploration (USF IDEx) (@cvast) - Sketchfab

The Farid Karam Antiquities Collection at USF 3D Models


In 1998, Dr. Farid Karam and his wife Jehanne generously donated their collection of Roman and Phoenician antiquities to the University of South Florida Libraries - Special Collections Department. This collection consists of 149 objects, including jars, bottles, oil lamps, unguentaria, busts, and figures. Most of the items come from Syria, a wealthy province on the Eastern Mediterranean, and date between the Roman Imperial period and the Late Antiquity. In Fall 2016, IDEx has undertaken the virtualization of the entire collection using mostly laserscanning with a FARO ScanArm and digital photogrammetry for certain polychrome artefacts.