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Yedingham, UK

Archaeologist and Digital Recording Specialist


Dinosaur Footprints 3D Models


In 1996 during quarrying near Purbeck a remarkable set of dinosaur footprints were discovered they were to turn out to be amongst the most extensive exposure of dinosaur footprints in Britain. These prints were created around 140 million years ago. They are the prints of Sauropods, either a Brachiosaurid or a Tatanosaurid. Following their discovery the footprints were re-buried whilst a long term management plan was developed by the landowners The National Trust and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site Team with the support of Natural England. These models were created as part of the recording exercise to secure a precise 3D record which could be shared around the world as the site is prepared for public access. For more information goto landscaperesearchcen...