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Archaeologist and Digital Recording Specialist


Gosforth Cumbria 3D Models


The church of St. Mary's at Gosforth, situated near the western coast of Cumbria is the setting for a number of important later Saxon or Viking age stone monuments, the 4.4m high Gosforth cross, decorated with scenes that combine both Christian and Viking Pagan iconography stands in the churchyard where , with the exception of the North face, it is exceptionally well preserved. Inside the church are a pair of 10th century Hog Back tombs, one decorated with a scene showing two groups of warriors and a brilliant stone panel called the Fishing Stone. This project has been undertaken with the Leverhulme Trust 'Impact of Diasporas' research programme at the University of Leicester and is the subject of an innovative schools project sharing knowledge and ideas between the two primary schools the Richard Cobden Primary, in Camden, London and Gosforth CE Primary, in Cumbria.