Stonehenge carvings / rock art 3D Models


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England. Consisting of earthworks and standing stones the principal phases of construction and alteration were c.3100BC-1600BC.

In the 1950s a series of carvings were recognised on some of the sarsen stones. These carvings represent bronze axes from the Early Bronze Age, they are all un-hafted and their blades point upwards, probably carved c.1750-1500BC.

In 2011 Stonehenge was laser scanned, subsequent analysis revealed many more axe carvings along with evidence of working/dressing of stones. graffiti and stone breaking.

see: Stonehenge Laser Scan: Archaeological Analysis Report - Marcus Abbott and Hugo Anderson-Whymark et al. Link: research.historiceng... pdf

Stonehenge is in the care of English Heritage and operated as a visitor attraction.

3D models and images of models, Copyright © 2015 Hamish Fenton