Visigothic settlement of the "ancient" València - A 3D model collection by ICAC (@imatias) - Sketchfab
Tarragona, Spain

The ICAC is a public institution established by the Government of Catalonia and the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona (Spain)

Visigothic settlement of the "ancient" València 3D Models


Archaeological excavations in visigothic settlement of "ancient" València (Riba roja de Túria, Valencian Country, Spain). This site has about 3.5 hectares of surface and is located about 16 km from current city of València. It's the object of annual excavations in order to analyze a hypothetical military settlement in the context of the visigothic Mediterranean. It's a project of Riba roja de Túria town Hall and the ICAC, with the collaboration of the Diputació de València, València town Hall and HAR2015-64392-C4-2P-MINECO-Feder's project.