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Pokebot Project


Pokebot is a collection of 3D models you can print for the potential of having a frame for a Pokémon robotics project or other hobby purposes. The project was an attempt to bring Pokémon to the real life and was meant to be just a demo at Maker Faire. We are not licensed by Nintendo and the purpose of this project is fair use, educational and not for profit. Open source you may consider using: Arduino Analog Debounce, Arduino Direct IO, Smart GPU 2 Sensors, RBD Open source Arduino sensors and AI. Hardware you may use can range from popular Arduinos or Beagle Bone blacks. You can also integrate the sensors with other things in your project such as adding hydraulics or static electricity, etc. We can not disclose full instructions on how to build a complete bot under certain restrictions but can provide you an idea of everything you may need to get started. This project was inspired by First Robotics, Sumo Robot Wars, Maker Faire, EdricePrints and of course Pokémon.