CEMEC, Museum of Jaén, Spain


Connecting Early Medieval European Collections (CEMEC) is an EU-funded cooperation project (Programme Europe Creative) that aims to create a collaborative network, and a cost-effective business model, between eight European museum collections and six technical partners. Drawing on objects from participating museum collections, the project will produce ‘CROSSROADS’, a travelling exhibition focusing on connectivity and cultural exchange during the Early Middle Ages (300 -1000) in Europe. The exhibition will open at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam (2017-2018). It will then move to the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens (2018) and end at the LVR Landesmuseum in Bonn (2018-2019).

The Museum of Jaén, the Area of Medieval History, the University Institute of Iberian Archaeology of the University of Jaén, and the research group (HUM357) (members of project CEMEC), have contributed with a collection of items dated to between the 4th and 12th centuries AD (Visigoth and Islamic periods).