May We Share A Meal Once Again - A 3D model collection by Rosalie Yu (@rosalieyu) - Sketchfab

Exploring emerging 3D techniques through a collaborative and anthropological approach

May We Share A Meal Once Again 3D Models


May We Share a Meal Once Again is an experiment in virtual commensality based on crowdsourcing videos of meals made in confinement all over the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Video frames recorded by dozens of friends are converted into 3D models so that we can share a meal once again.

I have been thinking about how new tools and participatory processes can help us preserve this sudden paradigm shift. I ask friends from all over the world to record videos of meals they cook in confinement, moving their phones as if they were painting every detail. Frames extracted from these videos are used to build a series of 3D models calculated through photogrammetry.

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