Sketchfab Virtual Reality

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Enjoy the Sketchfab Virtual Reality experience. Compatible with all mainstream VR tech including:
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

Explore a handpicked selection of 3D models with our VR apps

Teleport yourself to Rome, inspect a beating heart, or walk among dinosaurs. Open Sketchfab VR to discover a showcase of explorations through remote places, fantastic creatures, game worlds, cultural heritage, science and other wonders.

  • Places
  • Animals & Creatures
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Game Worlds
  • Awesome Vehicles
  • Science & Education

Explore all models in VR on the Web

View ANY Sketchfab models in virtual reality from the web, by clicking our VR button.

On mobile:
  • Install the Sketchfab App or use any WebGL-enabled mobile browser
  • Click the VR button
  • Place your mobile in a Cardboard VR viewer

On desktop:



"I've already tried a number of VR apps that, in many cases, fail to impress. However, the Sketchfab VR app was truly a surprise. The effect was like walking through a living, virtual museum."


"It might be one of VR's new killer apps."


"The YouTube of VR"

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