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So you’re starting a crowdfunding campaign for your awesome new product?  Well, a great representation can make the difference between tons of money and, well, zero.


In this post, we’ll show you how Sketchfab can supercharge your campaign by using our real-time 3D viewer.

A Bit of Data

Sketchfab is used by some the most successful crowdfunding campaigns out there—including HEXO+ (see below), who reached their goal in 1 hour (yes, you read correctly) and then exceeded their goal by 25 times.

Hexo+ on Sketchfab


  • Sketchfab has been used in 32 campaigns (at least, the ones we know about), including 3 of the top 15 most funded tech projects on Kickstarter: Lima, Structure and Hexo+.
  • 93% of those campaigns were funded
  • Campaigns using Sketchfab raised a total of $10m for an aggregated goal of $3.8m. Close to 3x more than anticipated.

So how can Sketchfab help?

In-depth Illustration

Sure, photos are a great way to showcase your product or prototype.   But why not go one step further?  By using Sketchfab’s 3D viewer, backers get a real-life product experience without your product even being real yet. Backers can zoom, pan, rotate, and experience your product at all dimensions and angles…all in glorious 3D.

Sketchfab’s viewer promotes your product with more visuals and less text.  Less reading. More product engagement. More backers.

How to make the most of Sketchfab’s 3D viewer:

  • Use our new annotations tool (guides viewers through your product’s best features and specifications)
  • Try showing an exploded 3D view (gives backers an in-depth look at the details of your product)
  • Showcase extras you’ll include in the future (or should you reach your stretch goal)
  • Include 3D models of special parts (for example, a customizable section of your product)

Here’s how Lima unveiled its Circuit Board on Kickstarter:

Circuit by Lima on Sketchfab

Before and after your campaign, Sketchfab can help

Sketchfab can help you to iterate faster.  By using private model sharing, a select group can be resourced for feedback. Then, once your model is ready to go public, use Sketchfab for marketing, blogs, news, and of course on your crowdfunding page.

Plus, Sketchfab 3D models work everywhere.  Our viewer embeds just like a youtube video, so backers never need to leave your campaign page when interacting with your model. The “donate” button is always one click away.

Your product, viral in 3D

Sketchfab is a new type of media to share.  Your enthusiastic investors can share your product in 3D anywhere (just like a youtube video). The more sharing, the more exposure.  With a Sketchfab 3D model, your campaign has a better chance of going viral.

3D is novel and can help get you noticed by the press or blogs. By including your Sketchfab model in press releases, journalists can showcase your 3D model in articles focused on your product…just as easily as you did on your campaign page.

Use our Community

A crowdfunding campaign unites a community around your product. By using Sketchfab’s technology, you’re joining forces with passionate makers.

  • More than 100,000 users on Sketchfab, in a strong community of 3D enthusiasts.
  • Tons of Sketchfab’s users are makers and hardware enthusiasts.  Just another channel of potential backers for your product.
  • Need help from a 3D expert?  Sketchfab can help you network with the best 3D modelers and make the most of your design strategy.

Sketchfab is great for sharing 3D scans, CyArk included our viewer in their campaign, and it linked them to a community enthusiastic about 3D scanning:

Rock Art Sites of Somaliland – Laas Geel by CyArk on Sketchfab

Wanna get started?

Here’s some useful resources:

A well-designed 3D model can help your campaign succeed. Our innovation will showcase your model and get your project noticed. Good luck with your project!

– Victor


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