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Sketchfab has been growing so fast we recently joked that you could practically populate Wikipedia with 3D models!

Well, Sylvain Zimmer overheard us so one evening he hacked together Volupedia and did exactly that: mixed Wikipedia pages with 3D models from Sketchfab. If there is a model matching a Wikipedia search, you’ll see it instead of the main image on a page.


Wikipedia is a rich source of facts about the world around us, and has long been the best source to “read all about it”. An interactive 3D model goes deeper to let you interact with the subject matter directly. Together, they paint a complete picture of a topic.

Explore the world from Rio to the Solar System. Get up close and personal with public figures like Barack Obama or Dwayne Johnson, and get the inside scoop on the newest technology from Tesla Motors to Samsung’s Gear VR. You can even watch a Stegosaurus walk and explore NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid Probe, the NEAR Shoemaker.

Some of our other wide ranging favorites: The British Museum, the Moai on Easter Island, Master Yoda, Minecraft, and the Solar Impulse plane.There’s so much to explore.

If you want to learn more, the code for Volupedia is on GitHub and Sylvain is welcoming feedback! If you love it, we remind you that you can also donate to Wikipedia itself .

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