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Have you visit our Labs recently? We regularly post experiments we’re working on as part of the greater development cycle for potential future features at Sketchfab. Sometimes we just like to have fun.

This week we’ve launched a new measurement experiment. Load in any Sketchfab model, and now you can plot two points in 3D space to determine the distance. It’s a limited functionality but holds great potential for use cases such as measurements at scanned archaeologic digs, architectural measurement, or just testing the scales of related components. I used it to answer a question that’s been on my mind for some years now…


Just how far can an Italian plumber slide somersault?

Have fun, and get measuring!

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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

Artist Evangelist & Community outreach at Sketchfab, freelance CG Generalist, render-farm tinkerer. Zelda worshipper.

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  • Avatar Caleb Baildon says:

    Measurement tools have been on my wish list from day one. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to measure anything.

    • Hi Caleb, is there a particular issue you are having that I can help you with?

      • Avatar Caleb Baildon says:

        The measuring seems to be working now, which is great.
        For some reason the model only loads in a very thin horizontal window.
        It would be great to have it display not only slope but also horizontal and vertical distances too.

  • Hi Paul,
    I’ve just tried your new measurement system on two of my models that already had embedded 3D scales ( and and… it works! May I ask you a few questions ?

    – Do you plan to get this feature out of the lab, including it in the usual Sketchfab tool kit ?
    – Every model I publish on Sketchfab is scaled, either in cm for objects or in m for archaeological sites. Although you specified that measurements are unit-less, the returned results for both models seemed to be displayed with the appropriate unit (one in cm, the other in m). So why can’t you explicitly display the unit ?
    – Instead of the gloved hand, I think that a crosshair would be more confortable to precisely pick points on models.

    Anyway, this is a great feature and I hope that it will be available in the Sketchfab’s regular environnement. A real time-saver for me: no more 3D scales in Blender before exporting!

    Thanx for all.

    • Thanks for your feedback we’ll take them into consideration. As always, no promises with the lab, but with enough feedback it’s often a place where we move popular features into the full player.

  • Avatar Iain says:

    This would be a great feature and would love to see it implemented. Currently I can get it to work in the lab but not when embedded.

  • Paul- Any updates on measurements?

  • Avatar Jordan Jolly says:

    Hey Paul,

    We lover this tool and would really like to see it implemented in the main viewer – many other online 3D model viewer platforms already support this feature!
    Furthermore, same as many other comments on the page, would love the ability to give the measure tool a reference length from the 3D model, such that the output units reflect the real length of the objects .


  • Avatar Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Yes, you can use it freely.

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