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Have you visit our Labs recently? We regularly post experiments we’re working on as part of the greater development cycle for potential future features at Sketchfab. Sometimes we just like to have fun.

This week we’ve launched a new measurement experiment. Load in any Sketchfab model, and now you can plot two points in 3D space to determine the distance. It’s a limited functionality but holds great potential for use cases such as measurements at scanned archaeologic digs, architectural measurement, or just testing the scales of related components. I used it to answer a question that’s been on my mind for some years now…


Just how far can an Italian plumber slide somersault?

Have fun, and get measuring!

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Paul Chambers

Artist Evangelist & Community outreach at Sketchfab, freelance CG Generalist, render-farm tinkerer. Zelda worshipper.

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