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My name is Daniel Mikulik.  My first 3D steps were in 3ds Max working with a small group of Fallout fans on a mod for the game. Eventually, our work was published in Afterfall: Insanity.

I’ve always liked the post-apocalyptic, steampunk, grunge, and dirty styles. That is why I like to create historic architecture and heavily rusted hard surface models.

In 2005, I first attempted to sell models from games that I was creating for Qubic Games. Later I found a market for low-poly architecture models, so I created simple models of tenement house facades.

My favorite softwares are 3ds Max with V-Ray but I love to play in Substance Painter.

My work is both my passion and my well-paying hobby.

Selling on the Sketchfab Store

When creating a model for sale, I try to stick to architecture. I also create and sell other models that I have made as practice or for freelance jobs. I feel confident with hard surface modeling, but I don’t make organic models.

When preparing them on Sketchfab, I try to make them all look the same—the same light settings, scene, and post-processing tweaks.

It’s hard to know where my models have been used. Clients rarely brag about their work. Some time ago, I got information that my buildings would appear in a couple of indie productions: Air Missions: HIND, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

Pricing & promotion

As far as pricing goes, I try to keep prices in line with other sellers, because I don’t like to fight with other sellers.

I promote my best models on my personal portfolio and Instagram. I can’t do this with all my models, though, because I have over 700 items, which could be boring for viewers.

Why Sketchfab?

This is the only store where you can view models in this way (360°, materials, wireframe, etc.).

And it’s very easy to create a showcase. I don’t need to make all the preview renders, etc.

Looking ahead

In the future, when I find time, I want to create a short movie with my Band of Robots, with a funny storyline. I think it could be fun to see them with a moving camera.


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Daniel Mikulik

3d generalist specialized in hard surface design

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