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Hi, my name is Cédric Bonacina (Kyan0s) and I’m a Belfort (France) based 3D artist who is mainly focused on the creation of biological models like characters or animals, doing modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, animation, etc. These are domains that I learned by myself a few years ago by reading tutorials, magazines, etc. One day I discovered 3D and its many possibilities, and from then on I did not cease to create my worlds and my characters in my free time. What I especially like is being able to create long gone prehistoric creatures and give them life through movement. I was a huge fan of the movie Jurassic Park as a child, and as a result I wanted to make my own creatures.

One day, someone told me about Sketchfab. I took a look and I immediately saw the incredible potential of it. So I learned how to make low poly 3D real time models, and fiercely acquired the skills to make sellable models. Sketchfab has rapidly become the principal place to show my work. Until the Sketchfab Store was created, I never really planned to sell my models. However, enough people asked me if I sell my work that when Sketchfab proposed that I sell my models, I decided it was a good time to start selling them.

Inspiration and Style

I have a big list of things I want to do, including prehistoric creatures, arthropods, animals, etc. I haven’t got an order to make them, no priorities for this or that, and generally produce them according to my desires. All I need to do is read a magazine, watch a TV report or a movie, or something else to get started on a creation. One day it could be a dinosaur, and the other a totally different thing. But I always do things that motivate me.

As for my style, I try to touch a little bit of everything. I can as easily create cartoon style models as more realistic models. I do not have a pre-defined style. I like to make different things.

Pricing and Promotion

It’s always difficult for me to price my own work, so I always try to combine the sum of the difficulties I’ve had making the model with the number of hours spent to create it (modeling, texturing, animation, etc.), the quality and the level of detail, the complexity of the animation, etc., but I always try to determine an accessible price.

I’m not good at promotion; the only places I promote my work are Facebook and sometimes Instagram, where I only show the creation or the image of the model without a lot of explanation on the project (I’ll have to work that!:)). The only thing that I try to do correctly is tagging the work. I try to think about all the words that will be most effective for customers to find it on the site.

Setup on Sketchfab

For each model I put up for sale, I try to set up my scene as cleanly as possible. I use a relatively neutral background color, for example, and I try to use minimal post-processing effects (generally I only use the vignetting effect, a little bit of SSAO, and a little bit of sharpness, but that’s about all). As for my background, I try to use a relatively functional lighting scheme, with no colored light. I also set up the VR view; I think it’s a real plus to enable people to see the model that way, so that they can better apprehend the model in VR.

As I already said before, Sketchfab has rapidly become my principal place to show my work. I discovered it three years ago, it was already very good at that time, and has evolved considerably since then, putting in place many great features over the years. The establishment of the store, combined with the powerful viewer, offering the possibility of obtaining the maximum information (mesh, textures, number of vertices, etc.) on a product is, for me, the best way to sell my work because it allows the buyer to have a complete vision of what they will buy. I think Sketchfab will become a major player in the domain of 3D model sales.

Thank you for your support!

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