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Sketchfab Hosts WebVR Hackathon

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Recently, Sketchfab co-hosted the WebVR hackathon with Aquinas Training in our New York City office. On Friday night, after a brief introduction and team formation, the 6 teams began working on their projects. After a 48-hour shift working through the weekend (yes, overnight), the teams presented their final projects on Sunday. Hackathon Judging After careful deliberation and voting across 4 categories (Originality, Technical Excellence, Practicality, and API Integration), the winners were decided. The hackathon judge panel included: Hugh Seaton from Aquinas Training (judging the technical merit of the projects), Guillermo Sainz (judging the design and presentation of the projects), Cole Ingraham from Amper (judging usage of the Amper API), and Mike Cobar. 

Hackathon Winners

Honorable Mentions

On top of 1 Free month of Sketchfab PRO to all participants, the winning teams received the following Sketchfab prize packages: 1st place: 1 year Sketchfab PRO, blog feature, social spotlight, feature in WebVR hackthon press release, Sketchfab Google cardboard, Sketchfab T-shirt 2nd place: 6 months Sketchfab PRO, blog honorable mention, social spotlight, Sketchfab Google cardboard, Sketchfab T-shirt 3rd place: 3 months Sketchfab, blog honorable mention, social spotlight, Sketchfab Google cardboard, Sketchfab T-shirt   Huge thanks to our event manager Tristan Hinds for helping the hackathon flow smoothly (and spending the night on the office couch), to Hugh and Mike from Aquinas Training for organizing the event, to Cole from Amper for supplying all of the teams with dinner and access to their robust API, and to all of the participants (in no particular order): Brendan Luu, Osebo Akhigbe, Jonny Wang, Rob Schroeder, Roland Dubois, Leonardo Malave, Thomas Van Bouwel, Sergio Garcia, Ryan Luu, Wilson Wong, Aaron Smyth, James O’Loughlin, Alex Coulombe, Sam Spaeth, Maxwell Foxman, and Jen Wary.

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