Sketchfab is now the largest online repository of glTF files

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We announced our support for glTF back in December. Today we’re proud to announce that – now the specification has matured – we are offering glTF as a download format in addition to the original source file format for all downloadable scenes on Sketchfab. With more than 100,000 models available for free download under Creative Commons licensing, this makes us the largest repository for glTF files online.

glTF is quickly becoming the standard file transfer format for 3D, AR and VR assets. It allows us to provide a data format that accurately retains PBR materials without losing any critical information.

We’ll be demonstrating the power of our Unity glTF plugin at SIGGRAPH this year. The plugin uses the glTF format to not just facilitate uploads from Unity to Sketchfab but also to import models from Sketchfab into Unity. 

For a current list of applications that support glTF and to learn more about the format, visit the Khronos Group.

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