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Omar Domenech helped visualize a television set for the a local television channel in the Dominican Republic. Hear how he feels Sketchfab helps him sell projects to his clients.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m Omar Domenech, 29 years old, a Graphic Artist from Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic, a small island in the Caribbean, the biggest of the islands around the area, but small nonetheless. I graduated from Advertisement and currently work at a Financial Institution here in my country, doing all their art work. The tools I mainly use on the job are Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, but about two years ago I discovered Blender and 3D in general and instantly got hooked. Websites like CG Cookie and BlenderNation helped me immensely with the training, keeping up the enthusiasm and staying in touch with the community in general. And what started as passion, by chance quickly turned into great opportunities for freelance work in all sorts of fields, from Arch Viz to VFX and spanning into other software such as 3DS Max and V-Ray. But I find immense value in Open Source tools such as Blender, specially in today’s Corporate climate.

TV Set Televida by Omar Domenech on Sketchfab

Who was the client for this project, and how did you get the job?

I have a cousin who works in TV and Movie Production, he knew I was delving into the world of 3D. His boss does Art Direction and they needed someone who could do visualizations for Props and Sets in their projects. So I got the chance of doing a couple of jobs and have been working with them sporadically. One of those jobs was for a Christian TV Network, they needed five sets for their programming, and I got to take part in the process of creating such sets.

What was involved in the creation of this virtual set?

Creative minds, an always tight deadline, a lot of back and forth and 3D software to bring those ideas into the real world. It’s a huge benefit to be able to show a client an accurate representation of the real thing, it speeds up the decision making process and solidifies the vision inside their heads.


A render of the set design (Blender/Cycles)

Can we see it on television somewhere?

Hehe, probably. If you’re ever in Santo Domingo for vacation you can catch it on TV, it’s in the local broadcasting channels of the Island but programming here is so bad sometimes you wish TV had never been invented. If you ever come here and muster the courage, tell me how it goes 😉

How did Sketchfab help you with this project?

Well, when I worked on this project I wasn’t aware of Sketchfab, I didn’t have the chance to use it, but it really is an amazing tool for showcasing your work. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating that not even a realistic render is enough for a client to fully appreciate or understand a design, frequently people just see the render as just an image, but seeing the model and easily interacting with it in its full 3D glory it’s a whole other level, it even puts a big smile on their faces. The same happened to all of us when we first started messing around with 3D, I remember that just seeing a wireframe was an eye opener. Sketchfab will quickly become an essential piece for displaying my 3D models and presenting my work, now everyone can see exactly what it is that I do. Computer Graphics encompasses a wide range of fields, there is still so much stuff to learn.

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