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Once again World of Tanks absolutely dominates our embeds this week. With the arrival of their new T-54 prototype, over 200,000 people enjoyed the 3D preview on Sketchfab.

Other cool art:


  • Wearality is developing the next generation of VR wearables, with an astonishing 150 degrees field of view. Great product, and nice 3D model. Check it out on Kickstarter!
  • Now on Kickstarter as well, Retouch3D is the world’s first speciality tool designed to finish 3D printed models. Forget snapping, scraping, and sanding – Retouch3D’s variable heat control system and interchangeable heads mean you finish-off all your 3D prints like a pro!
  • A robotic toy that teaches kids the principles of coding? Preorder Codie on Indiegogo. While playing with Codie, your child will become familiar with logical thinking and problem solving, the skills all interactions with technology is based on.
  • For slacklining fans, Zerge has unveiled a new outdoor slackline and longline equipment. It’s safe, durable, and ultra light. Back them on Indiegogo, and you’ll receive from one part to all the materials this summer!
  • Hubble is the first completely open-source laser cutter designed to be replicable, affordable and hackable. Build your frame, choose your electronics and laser, assemble and install, and cut! You can support this open-source project on Kickstarter.
  • And now on Indiegogo, ELF is the nanocopter that fits in your pocket and shoots high definition aerial photography. They provide 3D printed hull and motor mounts in the kit. You can even pass the controls to a friend, and experience the world from ELF’s point of view, directly in VR with a cardboard!

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