#TuesdayGaming : Follow the life of an animate 90's key-chain plushie with NIN.

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Guys you’re gonna love this game. Nin is a 3D survival-adventure game that follows the life of an animate 90’s key-chain plushie that takes refuge in a secluded shoebox. If you are fans of Prince of Persia (1989), Resident Evil (1996), Twinsen’s Odyssey (1997), and Toy Story (1995), you will definitely appreciate what this game has to offer!

The playable demo should be released in December. Can’t wait !

[Nin] Med Floss by vagabond-games on Sketchfab

Here is the talk I had with Vagabond Games team, hope you’ll enjoy :

#1 I love the idea of a miniature-sized assassin, could you tell me how you came up with this concept ?

The idea came from a school project involving a miniature-sized cruel character. We felt like adapting this character to an animate toy.

Much of our inspiration came from 90’s pop culture, 32-bit era video games, and also this keychain:


#2 Nin is your first game, I bet you went through some hard times, how dit it go ?

I’d say that this adventure is really about working with the right people for the same cause. The success of your project really depends on the commitment of your team and how much they believe in the game.

For example, our 3D modeler came into this project as a concept artist with no experience in Maya. In just one year he was able to get up to speed and produced nearly 60% of Nin’s art assets. His main motivation was the fascination of the game coming to life, and not because of a paycheck.


 #3 So, is the worst behind you? How is the development of NIN going?

We still have some issues. The main problem at the moment is actually marketing. Up until now we focused solely on development and kept Nin under close wraps. We wanted to show the game at a presentable state, but in turn made it that much more obscure; a lot of indie games are going public nowadays, so it’s harder to get noticed. This problem takes time away from development because our efforts must also go into marketing.

#4 I know you are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign, how important is it to you ?

Kickstarter is the final and most important step in making Nin a reality. It not only addresses the marketing issue, but literally kick starts our dream of becoming official game developers.

The funding allows us to purchase commercial licenses for our software and also helps keep momentum in development. It’s more or less a public approval of the game and we’re currently making careful preparations for launch.


#5 You have a music studio in your office ? Wow 🙂

Yup. We’ve got musicians in the team ! They use FL Studio to compose the music, and work using a M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 Midi Controller, a KRK K10S Powered Subwoofer, and a TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Firewire Audio Interface.


#6 I usually ask game devs what they would recommend to someone who wants to start video game development. Can you share your views on that ?

Everyone can start looking into video game development, it’s never too late to start, but you should know that game development demands both technical and artistic skills. If you need formal training, then enroll at a community college that offers courses in computer programming, art, and animation. Don’t worry about lacking talent and spend some time to figure out what peaks your interest.

The next step is to actually start developing video games. Try participating in the annual Global Game Jam. It’s a harsh introduction to the world of game development, but it definitely provides the raw hands on experience. Play by your strengths and join a team that shares a common vision. Analyze your performance after it’s over and really think about what you just went through. If you still want to get serious about game development, then consider getting a degree in the profession you identify with the most.

Always share your game with close friends and improve the game based on feedback you received, or start again with another idea. This approach is best for those who want to be indie developers.

In the end, it all comes down to guts and passion. Keep challenging yourself and work hard to better your craft. You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you keep pushing your limits. 

[Nin] Grapple Jack by vagabond-games on Sketchfab

10/ You’re using a couple of Sketchfab embeds to promote NIN, how does it help ? What do you think of the recent download option ?

Most commercial 3D model sites require assets to be downloadable, mainly because they serve as a competitive marketplace to sell products. The key aspect that differentiates Sketchfab from the rest is its collaborative community; feedback on your downloaded models would be genuine critiques and not reviews based on customer satisfaction. Overall, there’s no harm in downloadable models as long as Sketchfab keeps it as an option and not as a requirement.

[Nin] Nin Tacks by vagabond-games on Sketchfab

Thank you for your time guys, and good luck with NIN !



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