1,000 New Cultural Heritage 3D Models Dedicated to the Public Domain

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? Hi! We thought about running an April Fool’s joke this year but figured everyone might just prefer a bit of straightforward good news instead. Enjoy!

Tom, Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab, here with some exciting news!

I am very pleased to share that the Małopolska’s Virtual Museums project has just dedicated 1,000 cultural heritage 3D models to the public domain! This is especially nice since Sketchfab only just celebrated 1 Year of Public Domain 3D last month.

Dedicating 3D models to the public domain makes historic artworks and artifacts available for re-use and remixing—even for commercial purposes—without any attribution or legal requirements. Public domain content allows contemporary creators and businesses alike to build new experiences upon themes and styles of artworks created hundreds, even thousands, of years ago.

The collections being dedicated to the public domain by the Małopolska’s Virtual Museums project are not only incredibly high-quality 3D scans and models, but they span a very broad range of subject matter. With 3D models of geology and fine art, of engineering, pharmacology, and more, you are bound to find something useful or interesting for your own creative work. How will you re-use this wealth of high-quality 3D models?!

Read on for a summary of the project from Małopolska’s Virtual Museums themselves. ?

muzea.malopolska.pl project homepage


We are one of the largest Polish digital heritage resources on Sketchfab and this spring we are celebrating the release of the new version of our portal: Małopolska’s Virtual Museums.

On this occasion, we are making our entire digital collection availablemore than 1,000 high-quality three-dimensional models, selected from the physical collections of 48 museums in Małopolska.

Małopolska’s Virtual Museums on Sketchfab Spring Vir Fiesta.

From March 17 to 25, 2021, we will share approximately 120 models daily with the option to download until the entire collection of 1000 objects is exceeded. The models will mostly be made available in the public domain. A significant number of models have a PBR texture set, allowing you to place them directly into your 3D scene, visualization, animation, game, or movie.

ℹ You can import these 3D models directly into your favorite 3D software using one of Sketchfab’s many import integrations.

To observe the growth of the released resources, just type “Malopolska’s Virtual Museums” (the word “Malopolska” is enough ) into the Sketchfab search engine and check “downloadable” in the filters. Add the link to your favorites and then just refresh the saved card daily. Over the course of 10 days, there will surely be some particularly interesting downloadable models in this collection that you can use without any restrictions (public domain). Our collections are diverse—and everyone is sure to find something interesting or inspiring for themselves, available to use without any licensing restrictions.


Image of Sketcfhab search results showing 3D models from the Wirtualne Muzea Malopolski collections

We hope to bring a lot of fun to the Sketchfab community and 3D digital heritage enthusiasts in the warm sun rays of spring.

You can also visit the English language version of our website where you will find many surprising stories related to these objects and a collection of over 800,000 images, also available for download under open licenses.

The development of the Małopolska Virtual Museums portal has been implemented as part of the Virtual Małopolska project co-financed by the Regional Operational Programme for the Małopolska Region for 2014–2020 and the Małopolska Voivodship.

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