3D scanning Thursday #20: AUTUMN

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Thank you for participating in #3DST 19 – Age, and Congrats to John Fino (tauricity), winner with Hallet And Davis Piano, 1896, in which he tells a touching personal story through model annotations.

John picked ‘Autumn’ as this week’s topic. You’ll only need to step outside for inspiration (well, on our half of the hemisphere anyway).

You can follow the submission thread here.

Prize: get your work featured, and win a $25 Shapeways 3D printing coupon. A unique chance to get your scan printed.


Rules, as usual:

  • Make a 3D scan of something related to Autumn by Thursday, October 9th (find great 3D scanning apps here).
  • Share it on your own Sketchfab account with #3DST20 in the title.
  • The author of the model getting the most likes by the following Sunday is featured, wins a $25 Shapeways 3D printing coupon and gets to chose the following theme.
  • Multiple entries are ok.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.
  • To know everything about #3DST including great tutorials, check this blog post.

Good luck!

– Bart


Update: Congrats to 604scans, winner with Halloween Skull, the perfect way to scare his kids every year!

#3DST20 – Halloween Skull by 604scans on Sketchfab

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